Nursing Services

7 Services specialise in providing top-notch nursing services with trained, qualified and experienced expertise in the areas of Acute Care, Aged Care, Community Care, Disability Care, and much more in Doha, Qatar.

As a Nursing service provider, our objective is to provide the best team to support and fulfil with your needs. We offer all the care required to assist our customers with their choice to obtain nursing at home and ultimately to avoid hospitalisation or admission to a long-term care facility. We provide 24*7 assistance so that you can have peace of mind and absolute confidence in our service.

We are flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs and services can be adjusted immediately where needs change, this means that our clients are not locked into services. We are strong supporters of consumer-directed care and our nursing services in Qatar embrace this philosophy in the work that we do with our clients..

7 Services provides home care services that include but are not limited to :

Health assessments, including blood pressure monitoring and that of other vital signs, glucose monitoring, post-operative monitoring and telemonitoring.

Educating patients on diseases and their treatment.

Dressing assistance.

Medication reconciliation and reports to doctors or pharmacists.

Bathing assistance.

Weekend and holiday care.

Light housekeeping.

Meal preparations/Diet monitoring.

Home Health Care Service

Home Care Services, at 7 Services offers the extra support, comfort and companionship that may be needed for you to continue living at home as independently as is possible in Qatar. With immense experience in delivering high-quality, customized in-home care, we deliver an wide range of services to enhance the quality of life, increase independence and enable customers to experience the familiarity of home for as long as possible. If you have a loved one who is struggling to get by at home, 7 Services can help.

At 7 Services, we provide a solution for seniors and clients with disabilities and underlying health conditions. Our complete range of home care services is intended to enable independent living while guaranteeing the home continues a safe and secure setting. Care and support can come in all shapes and sizes.

7 Services provide home care services that include but are not limited to :

Pediatric nursing.

Ventilator and tracheotomy care.

Care for chronic illnesses and injuries.

Brain and spinal cord injury care.

Orthopaedic disorder care.

Diabetes management and care.

Short Bowel Syndrome care.

Genetic disorder care.

Implementation of clinical care plans.

Monitoring vitals.

Controlling infections.

Preventing pressure ulcers.

In-Help patients adapt to temporary or permanent disabilities.

Prepare patients and their families for rehabilitation challenges and.

provide home support in each in every phase and session of rehabilitation.

Help patients return to their daily insulin therapy.


Skincare (ulcers and prevention of bedsores).

Respiratory therapy.