General Services

Hospitality services

We deliver a superior quality of hospitality services to Hotels, offices, restaurants, malls, clinics, hospitals, coffee shops, and every place you want or can imagine. We have experienced stewards working in a number of, companies, hospitals, restaurants and holiday homes of famous resorts. As the hotel industry occasionally needs additional assistance during conventions and conferences, our staff is only too happy to support your organization.

Public services

The Team public services are used to combine services that are considered as complimentary services that can be used by all organizations, companies, and institutions. The term public services mainly consist of: Delivery service, doormen, recieptionists, luggage handlers, porters, and valet parking.

Cleaning services

Our great service and experience in the cleaning business has grown to meet the level of Excellency to our interested customers, as we are able to serve any organization or company regardless of its size and industry, with the optimal cleaning service. Our cleaning services are classified to the following categories:

General cleaning

  • General cleaning is a very important and detailed task. We do all types of cleaning including hospitals, clinics, banks, airports, ministries, buildings, offices, residential complexes, schools, and many more. With the highly experienced team of ours and all necessary equipment and chemicals, we will take you to the world of Excellency and professionalism.

Monthly work

  • Marble and granite polishing & cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning

Annual work

  • Cleaning and sterilizing water tanks

Pest Control Services

7 services pest control provides pest removal services throughout the Country. We offer commercial and residential services for the elimination of unwelcomed pests. Our team of highly skilled exterminators and one of the best teams in the GCC area can treat everything from termites, ants, spiders, rats, to cockroaches and bed bugs.